SIZE – 200mm x 25mm

DENSITY – U1, U3, U5



Description :

Dollorcut brings you buffing wheels for a variety of purposes like deburring, cleaning, Matt polish and surface protection. High performance unitized Matt Wheels with non-woven fabric offers high finish and widely used in surface preparation before plating, coating, painting, etc. High productivity through efficiency over traditional emery paper. Fits well on all universal angle grinders. This buff wheel is best for deburring, cleaning, Matt Polishing, and Surface Preparation. When used instead of sandpaper it gives high productivity and saves massive time. Suitable for steel, aluminium, copper, alloys, wood, brass and iron surfaces. The trustworthy brand for the industrial polishing market of India whose superior quality stands as a benchmark for the industry. Now visit us at and consult with the metal finishing experts from the industrial line.


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